Airports, Ports, Structural

Infrastructure involves an immense variety of structures and facilities. The tallest skyscrapers, the largest dams, the busiest seaports, the most advanced facilities – these all rely on bolted connections to remain functional and support our forward progress. SmartBolts provide the highest assurance of bolted joint security and keeps infrastructure resilient and reliable.

black and white photo of large radio tower with the signal towers highlighted in red



The Willis Tower is located in Chicago and is the third tallest building in the United States. Many broadcast station transmitters are located above the roof – the tip of the tallest antenna reaches a height of 527 meters. At this extreme height the radio towers experience dynamic forces, primarily wind, that put increased strain on critical structural joints. The Willis Tower uses more than two hundred SmartBolt DTI to secure its radio towers and provide visual feedback that the critical structural connections remain properly tensioned.

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large aerial view of a damn that helps provide power generation



Located on the Columbia River in Washington, the Grand Coulee Dam is the largest hydropower facility in the United States with a total capacity of 6,809 MW. A project to modernize the pump-generating plant required the use of a bulkhead – a maintenance structure that keeps water out while the overhaul is completed.

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cutout of a 1744 anasayfa machine



A shiploader continuously loads bulk solid materials such as iron ore, coal, fertilizers, and grains onto ships or barges. These machines are essential to the global shipping industry and are valued for their loading efficiency and adaptability. Slewing bearings rotate massive extendable booms and conveyors into alignment with a ship’s storage containers to facilitate the transfer of bulk material from port.

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airport runway featuring an infrastructure component highlighted in red



Lighting fixtures in runways, taxiways, and other in-pavement locations are critical to the safe operation of planes and machinery at airports. If these fixtures become loose they can create dangerous safety conditions while planes are in-flight, landing, or taxiing on the runway.

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