Electrical Busway More Reliable with SmartBolts

Electrical busway is a modular power distribution product commonly used in commercial environments. Busway provides an efficient, reliable, flexible and safe method of providing electricity throughout a facility (think of busway as wire and conduit on steroids).

Busway modules are joined together by bridge joints. As you might imagine, the job of these bridge joints plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the entire system. Just one loose connection can result in significant down time, even dangerous overheating situations that can cause arc flash.

SmartBolts Keep the Power Flowing in Electrical Busway

If you work in a facility like a Data Center there’s a good chance it relies on overhead electrical busway to keep the power flowing 24/7. And for the past two decades, many of the world’s largest producers of busway have used SmartBolts to keep critical bridge joints properly tightened.

Consequently, managers of commercial facilities are increasingly choosing SmartBolts to achieve proper bridge joint bolt tension during busway installation. And with SmartBolts, inspectors can easily spot loose connections BEFORE outages or accidents occur.