SmartBolts: Keeping the Power Flowing for Over 20 Years

SmartBolts can be found in data center electrical busway all over the world
Just a few minutes of downtime can cost a technology company thousands of dollars, so it’s critical to keep the power flowing.

If you work in a facility like a Data Center there’s a good chance it relies on overhead electrical busway to keep the power flowing 24/7. And for the past two decades, many of the world’s largest producers of busway have used SmartBolts to keep critical bridge joints properly tightened.

Achieving proper bridge joint bolt tension during installation of electrical busway is critical. SmartBolts are designed to indicate that the proper bolt tension has been applied to securely join together sections of modular busway.

Loose joint bolts are a direct cause of downtime in busway and can be hazardous if not identified and fixed. Just a few minutes of downtime can cost a technology company thousands — even millions — of dollars, so it’s critical to keep the power flowing.

With SmartBolts, customers can easily spot loose connections BEFORE outages occur.

Visual inspections with SmartBolts are safe and efficient. Users can spot a bolt that is becoming loose from a few feet away – without the need to use a torque wrench.

And since systems don’t need to be powered down to perform bolt inspections, SmartBolts can reduce maintenance costs by as much as 80%.

SmartBolts Look to Keep Wind Turbines Turning!

There are 1,500 bolts in the average wind turbine!

According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, total wind power capacity will quadruple over the coming decades. And by some estimates, there are around 1,500 bolts in the average wind turbine, many of which are securing critical joints.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for the wind turbine industry to utilize SmartBolt technology and we plan to expand into this application in 2017,” commented Stress Indicators CEO, Charles Popenoe, III.

“Our products have been tested by wind turbine manufacturers in the past and we have a new initiative underway with a large European wind company,” he continued.

Congressman impressed with SmartBolts innovation.
During a visit to Stress Indicators, U.S. Congressman John Delaney learns about SmartBolts from CEO Charles Popenoe, III.

“We’re confident that visual inspections of SmartBolts will significantly reduce wind turbine maintenance costs and will help to identify potential loose bolted joints before expensive breakdowns – including helping to prevent accidents.”

“We’re looking forward to exhibiting at the International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum in April. At the Forum, we will be introducing SmartBolts technology to a number of companies and wind power industry professionals,” according to Popenoe.

So whether it’s in power distribution or power generation, SmartBolts technology is modernizing the way industries secure and inspect bolts.

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