Rethink Bolting: What Does a SmartBolt Do that a DTI Washer Can’t?

Both DTI washers and DTI SmartBolts can indicate when a required bolt tension has been achieved in a fastener assembly.

DTI washers feature bumps that flatten out as the bolt is tightened. By using a feeler gage of the correct dimension, an installer may conclude that a certain bolt tension has been achieved.  DTI SmartBolts display bolt tension visually with a color indicator built into the head of the bolt.  DTI washers only indicate tension upon initial bolt installation, while DTI SmartBolts indicate tension initially, and for the service life of the fastener.

May Newsletter Infographic

Are you using DTI washers to verify the installation tension of your bolts?

If so, it means that the bolts you are tightening are essential components and need to be tightened with a certain measurable amount of accuracy. It also means that you are not planning to check the tension on those bolts for the remainder of their service life.

Let’s take the example of a bolted joint at the base of a wind turbine. The designers of the wind turbine have provided a tension specification for these bolts in order to prevent the turbine base from becoming unsecure. The fact that these bolts have a tension specification means that the bolted joints at the base of the wind turbine are very important – they ensure the wind turbine remains upright!  How can you check that these bolts have not only been properly tensioned initially, but that they are properly tensioned at periodic maintenance checks over the years?

Bolt tension needs to be checked periodically to ensure a bolted joint remains secure.

DTI washers only allow a single check of bolt tension during installation. Bolted joints are subject to changes in tension over time due to vibration, fatigue, embedment, relaxation and other phenomena. Wouldn’t you like to be able to verify proper bolt tension without special tools at any time?

With DTI SmartBolts, you can measure bolt tension directly, at any time, with its built-in and certified visual indicator.

Unlike DTI washers, SmartBolts can be operated without special tools or training, and can be reused indefinitely. The SmartBolts® Visual Indication System™ provides an accurate visual representation of actual bolt tension, in real time. When your bolts are important, you need more than a one-time check – you need SmartBolts.