DTI SmartBolts Demonstration Unit Easily Shows Indicator Operation

DTI SmartBolts Demonstration Units

DTI SmartBolts® in action are a sight to see!  An indicator built into the head of the fastener changes color from red to black as tension is applied.  This color change occurs in real-time, with no moving parts, is completely reversible and has no detrimental effect on the useful life of the fastener.

Demonstrating operation of a regular DTI SmartBolt requires a vise or fixture, a large wrench, and a good measure of arm strength.  This is where the Demonstration Unit proves its value.  With a simple twist of the handle, anyone can tension the demo SmartBolt so observers can watch the indicator change across the full spectrum from red to black, and back to red – again and again.

The Demonstration Unit is a portable, lightweight device that is perfect for meetings or training to instantly convey the DTI SmartBolts operation to co-workers or customers whether you are in the conference room, on the factory floor, or in the field.

The DTI SmartBolts Demonstration Unit (part number DU11) is now available for sale for $25.00 each.  It can be viewed in our Pre-Engineered DTI SmartBolts Catalog on page 56.  The new DU11 features several improvements.  We’ve recently upgraded the design to use an aluminum sleeve for reduced weight.   We have also added a T-handle that is easy to operate.  Each unit is ready to use right out of the box – no assembly required!

For those considering the use of DTI SmartBolts for a project, the DU11 is an excellent tool to provide your project team with a better understanding of the indicator color change that makes the SmartBolts Visual Indication System such an innovative solution.  For more information, or to request your own DTI SmartBolts Demonstration Unit, contact us at sales@smartbolts.com or (240) 631-7246.