New Product Features Available for DTI SmartBolts

DTI SmartBolts® are more customizable than ever with three new product features now offered by Stress Indicators, Inc. We’ll focus on one new feature per newsletter – keep checking in for more details!

New Feature #1: Protective Recess

Our number one priority at Stress Indicators is to make bolting safer, simpler and more accurate. We listen and act on the needs of our customers, some of whom require large, heavy tools for bolt installation and maintenance. As bolts and tools get larger, installations get more difficult and greater protection is required.

Stress Indicators has built a reputation in the industry based on our ability to improve the bolting process. We have developed a new offering for our SmartBolts® product line, the Protective Recess.

The Protective Recess is a machined recess designed for SmartBolts® with diameters of 1″ (M24) and greater to protect the SmartBolts® visual indicator from impact. With the recess, the indicator has a countersunk profile, allowing users to swing heavy tools in place without concern for impacting the indicator.

SmartBolts® with this feature are uniquely suited to handle the rough and tumble environments of heavy-duty bolting. From applications in slow-moving high-tonnage equipment to rapid materials processing, SmartBolts® are a durable and dependable tension indicating solution meeting your toughest bolting requirements.

Next Month: Learn about the Contamination Seal, a machined recess with a clear protective seal added for high contamination and wet environments.