New Product Features Available for DTI SmartBolts: Contamination Seal

DTI SmartBolts® are more customizable than ever with three new product features now offered by Stress Indicators, Inc. We’ll focus on one new feature per newsletter – keep checking in for more details!


New Feature #2: Contamination Seal

Bolted joints need to perform regardless of environmental conditions. When your application is faced with sand, mud, salt spray, grime, or harsh chemical mixtures, critical joints must remain secure – there can be no compromises. Stress Indicators addresses these challenges head on with our newly developed Contamination Seal option for SmartBolts®.

The Contamination Seal is a machined recess with a clear protective seal added for high contamination and wet environments. Designed for SmartBolts® with diameters of 1” (M24) and greater, the Contamination Seal includes all the benefits of the SmartBolts® Protective Recess and limits exposure to liquids and other contaminants. The seal is perfectly clear and can be easily wiped clean of debris.

For critical bolted joints in harsh environmental conditions, there is no better option than to specify a Contamination Seal with your SmartBolts®.

Next Month: Learn about the Retro-Reflective Indicator, a specially-coated SmartBolts indicator which allows for easy inspection in low light.