World’s Smallest SmartBolt

Stress Indicators, Inc. has again expanded its capabilities, this time on the small end of our bolt size range.  The bolt pictured here is a mere 30mm in length and 10mm in diameter. It is the smallest bolt we have ever converted into a DTI SmartBolt.

Smallest SmartBolt M10x30

We manufactured these SmartBolts for a power tool manufacturer that desires a fastener with a visual indication system to secure a key component. Integrating DTI SmartBolts technology with this key component will deliver greater customer value and safety while differentiating the product from its competition.

DTI SmartBolts are made from ordinary bolts, so the bolt footprint in your assembly need not be changed.  The indicator in the head is red when the bolt is loose (as pictured) and the indicator gradually darkens to black as the fastener is tightened.  The color change is fully reversible through countless loosening and tightening cycles.  DTI SmartBolts measure tension, not torque.  Tension is the true measure of fastener “tightness” and is not subject to the variable friction factors associated with torque measurement.

Stay tuned as we continue to introduce new products and variations on our increasingly diverse SmartBolts theme to meet the growing range of customer demand and applications.