Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale

Industrial Indicators hereby offers to sell the Products to Buyer as quoted, but only on the terms and conditions described herein.

If Buyer submits to Industrial Indicators a purchase order or other documentation with terms and conditions different from or additional to the terms and conditions described in the Quotation, Industrial Indicators hereby objects to those terms and does not assent to them, unless written special requests have been discussed as described below.

Orders and Cancellations

Quotations are valid for 30 days and are subject to withdrawal at any time before acceptance by Buyer, without notice.

Orders may be placed with Industrial Indicators via email (sales@smartbolts.com), phone (+1-240-631-7246), or fax (+1-240-750-6025).

Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted Industrial Indicators’ Terms of Sale unless written notice of objection is given by the Buyer within 1 business day of receipt of Industrial Indicators’ order confirmation.

Buyer shall have 1 business day from receipt of Industrial Indicators’ order confirmation to make any corrections or changes. Failure to do so shall constitute acceptance of Industrial Indicators’ order confirmation.

Delivery dates may not be rescheduled without Industrial Indicators’ written approval.

Buyer may not cancel any Product order in whole or in part without the written agreement of Industrial Indicators.


Manufacturing overages of product orders of SmartBolts® fasteners will be added to the shipment and invoiced to the Buyer subject to the following limitations: 10% for line item quantities of less than 100, 5% for line item quantities of 100 to 999, and 3% for line item quantities of 1,000 and greater.

Product orders of Pre-Engineered SmartBolts® fasteners will be shipped and invoiced to the Buyer at exact quantity ordered.


Buyer shall pay the Quotation in full, without any offset, deduction, or delay within Net 30 days or as per the terms indicated on the Quotation. Prices are USD unless otherwise noted.

For orders with multiple delivery dates, Industrial Indicators may invoice Buyer and Buyer shall pay for each delivery separately and each delivery shall be considered a separate and individual contract.

Payment can be made via check, wire transfer, or credit card. Payments made via wire transfer shall be charged a fee of $25. Payments made via credit card shall be charged a fee of 3%.


Buyer may request Products to be expedited for a fee of the greater of $250 or 5% of total Product purchase price.

Unless otherwise noted, an expedited order shall ship within 10 business days and is subject to approval by Industrial Indicators at time of order.


Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Industrial Indicators, all prices quoted or printed are Ex Works (Incoterms 2010) Industrial Indicators’ premises.

Buyer agrees that all freight, express, and delivery charges shall be paid by Buyer and shall not be subject to discount.

If Industrial Indicators has agreed with Buyer to arrange for shipping of Products, Industrial Indicators will select the carrier in absence of specific instructions by Buyer and all shipment charges shall be billed to Buyer, unless otherwise negotiated.

In no event shall Industrial Indicators be liable for any delay in delivery nor shall the carrier be deemed an agent of Industrial Indicators.

Delivery will be deemed complete and risk of loss or damage to the Products will pass to Buyer upon delivery to the carrier.

Inspection and Acceptance; Returns

Buyer shall have the right to inspect the Products at the time and place of delivery before accepting them.

Products shall be deemed accepted by Buyer unless notice of defect or shortage is received within 30 days of shipping and defective Product is returned to Industrial Indicators within 60 days of shipping.

Products shall not be returned for credit without first obtaining written approval from Industrial Indicators.

In the event that Buyer claims the Products do not conform to contract specifications and after inspecting the Products Industrial Indicators determines that the Products do not conform to the contract, Industrial Indicators’ sole obligations and Buyer’s exclusive remedies with respect to non-confirming Product shall be, at Industrial Indicators’ option, repair or replacement of the Product or refund to Buyer of the purchase price paid for the Product.

1-Year Limited Warranty

SmartBolt products are warranted to the original end user for one year from the date of purchase. Within the period of this warranty, we will replace any defective product, on return of the part, prepaid to the factory. This warranty does not extend to damage resulting from abuse, misuse, over-tightening, exceeding specified temperature limits, accident (including shipping damage), or use in hostile environments including, but not limited to, acidic, petroleum, solvents or solvent vapors. In no event shall any liability of Industrial Indicators arising from this warranty exceed the purchase price of the SmartBolt products. Before using, the user shall determine the suitability of the product for their intended use, and the user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever of the product in connection therewith. Industrial Indicators makes no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall Industrial Indicators be liable for incidental or consequential damages.


100% of SmartBolts® are inspected and tested to ensure that each one we produce complies with our demanding quality control standards. Each product design is tested in tension until the color of the indicator, as measured by a monochromatic reflectometer, reaches a prescribed value. The undersigned attests to the fact that these products have undergone and passed all of the specified test, inspection and packaging requirements. If you have any questions about this shipment, please contact Industrial Indicators immediately. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Customer Reference

Buyer agrees that Industrial Indicators may identify it as a recipient of products and services and use Buyer’s logo in sales presentations, marketing materials and press releases, and to develop a brief customer profile for use by Industrial Indicators on IndustrialIndicators.com and SmartBolts.com for promotional purposes.

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