SmartBolts are a revolutionary type of fastener designed to solve the complex bolting challenges of your industry. For more than 30 years, our fastener solutions have been relied on to reduce risk, reduce downtime, and increase productivity in industrial projects around the world.

mining machinery working through dirt


Surface, Underground

All mining operations, whether it’s the extraction of metals, minerals or liquids, require heavy-duty machinery and components to operate safely and efficiently. That’s why we provide bolts strong enough to stand up to the toughest earth-moving requirements. Our goal is for our customers to remain productive by supplying them with the highest-strength, highest-quality bolts.

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large heavy equipment excavator

Heavy Equipment

Construction, Mining

In the mining and construction industries, heavy equipment is needed to perform tough tasks. It must be built from the strongest, most reliable components, because the failure of even a single bolt can bring operations to a halt.

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materials being handled and transferred to large boats

Material Handling

Conveyors, Cranes, Hoisting & Lifting, Shiploaders

When you’re in a manufacturing industry, you have to be sure that your equipment is running smoothly and that your workforce is safe in order to remain competitive and efficient. You must be able to depend on consistently secure bolted connections.

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two manufacturing employees working on manufacturing floor


Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Pulp & Paper

Factories are increasingly complex and constant innovation is required to remain competitive. The most critical manufacturing processes often depend on consistently secure bolted connections. When efficiency is paramount, our customers rely on SmartBolts to reduce the downtime of essential equipment and machinery and keep the workforce safe.

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row of large wind turbines

Power Generation

Coal, Hydroelectric, Wind

Power generation uses all types of technology to produce electricity. Most of the world’s electricity comes from power plants that use a turbine, a machine that harnesses the energy of fluid – wind, water, steam or gas – and converts it into useful work.

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large power distribution room

Power Distribution

Busway, Switchgear, Transformers

Once power is generated, it needs to be transmitted to individual consumers, the final stage in the delivery of electricity. This process requires managing the voltage of electrical current both safely and reliably. Hundreds of thousands of end users rely on power distribution companies to get their electricity, and those companies in turn rely on SmartBolts to supply the necessary fastening solutions.

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two large bridges built across a large body of water


Airports, Ports, Structural

Infrastructure is the glue that holds a small community or an entire country together. Without it, nothing would function. That explains why companies that supply infrastructure can’t take any chances when it comes to the largest, and smallest, details.

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orange robotic factory machinery

Machine Building

Fixturing, Medical, Robotics

The purpose of machine building is to provide the highly efficient machines and equipment that the world runs on. Practically everything, from productivity and progress to the standard of living, relies on machines that make machines.

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