DTI SmartBolts – Pre-Engineered Product Line and 2015 Catalog

At Stress Indicators, we have made our reputation by working closely with clients to develop SmartBolts solutions tailored to meet specific application requirements, and we will to continue to expand our capabilities in this area.  But now we are offering a new option for customers that have asked for a simpler and faster way to implement SmartBolts into their bolting process.

Product Catalog Cover

To streamline the DTI SmartBolts specification and ordering process, Stress Indicators has introduced its new DTI SmartBolts Pre-Engineered Line.  This product line encompasses a broad range of commonly used fasteners, each will have a standard Design Tension that meets most application requirements.  We are proud to present this line for 2015 in our first-ever Catalog, which is available for download on our website.

The Pre-Engineered Line is comprised of over 660 distinct SmartBolts products, both Inch and Metric hex-head cap screws, in a range of diameters starting at 7/16” (M10) and going up to 1-1/2” (M36).  Many lengths of each diameter are offered, in two material grades, Grade 5 and 8 for Inch Series, and their metric equivalents, Class 8.8 and 10.9.  All of the larger diameters include our popular Protective Recess option.

Pre-Engineered DTI SmartBolts will have a Design Tension of 70% of the fastener proof strength.  This value is a common standard for tightening fasteners and is modeled on what many torque charts attempt to represent.  Unlike measuring torque however, the Pre-Engineered Line offers the familiar SmartBolts benefit of enabling users to eliminate misleading friction factors and tighten using the true measure of bolted joint security — fastener tension.

Stress Indicators will continue to offer its Custom Engineered line of SmartBolts for customers that require solutions that fall outside of the Pre-Engineered Line.  This includes bolt configurations other than hex-head, such as flange bolts or studs, other bolt materials, finishes or various design tensions.

With the Pre-Engineered Line, customers can now browse the new Catalog and select the size and bolt material they need for their application, with strength characteristics of the design listed on the same row.  Each product design is identified with a unique part number that makes it easy to order.  Contact us, or your local Stress Indicators authorized distributor, and you’ll quickly be quoted a price and lead time for any quantity you require.


At Stress Indicators, we hope the new Pre-Engineered Line will allow customers to get the SmartBolts benefits more quickly, easily and cost-effectively either direct from the factory or through our growing list of authorized distributors.  So, take our invitation to review the catalog and let us know what you think!