New Product Features Available for DTI SmartBolts: Retro Reflective Indicator

DTI SmartBolts® are more customizable than ever with three new product features now offered by Stress Indicators, Inc. We’ll focus on one new feature per newsletter – keep checking in for more details!

New Feature #3: Retro-Reflective Indicator


Installing and inspecting bolts underground or in other low-light environments comes with its own set of challenges. Often, these bolts are critical to an assembly or support and must be correctly tensioned to ensure system uptime and safety. Stress Indicators ensures that DTI SmartBolts® users are never left in the dark with the newly available Retro-Reflective Indicator.

The Retro-Reflective Indicator is a specially-coated DTI SmartBolts® indicator that improves the ease of inspection in low light conditions. The advanced indicator reflects a high percentage of light back to its source. When underground miners, for example, shine light from a head-mounted lamp or flashlight directly at the indicator, the color of the indicator reflects back to miner’s eyes.  The principle is the same as when your car headlights shine on a red stop sign on a dark night. Critical bolted joint tension can now be quickly and visually verified in the darkest conditions or in areas with restricted accessibility.

The Retro-Reflective Indicator is available in all DTI SmartBolts® fastener products. To improve the safety of low-light environments, we recommend always using a head-mounted lamp or flashlight during inspections.

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