Quick Quote Service Now Available for Pre-Engineered SmartBolts

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At Stress Indicators, we know our customers are always looking for ways to be more efficient. We developed SmartBolts® to improve the efficiency of your bolted joint installation and maintenance procedures. Now, we offer you a further efficiency with the introduction of Quick Quote, our fastest quoting service, available only for the recently announced DTI SmartBolts Pre-Engineered line.

Quick Quote is a free service that we offer for the entire collection of 680 Pre-Engineered SmartBolts. In most cases, customers who use this service will receive a quotation within one business day. Simply request a quotation for Pre-Engineered SmartBolts to get started.

Pre-Engineered SmartBolts are hex head cap screws, include a large selection of inch and metric sizes, and are appropriate for a wide variety of applications.  These products are designed according to industry bolting standards and feedback from end-users. We invite you to take a look at the full range of the DTI SmartBolts Pre-Engineered line in the 2015 SmartBolts Product Catalog.

The DTI SmartBolts Pre-Engineered line provides customers with a range of useful information up front, including dimensional, material, and tensile design data. Our goal is to make it easy for customers to evaluate these products, receive pricing quickly, and get SmartBolts into their hands faster.

Get your Quick Quote today by contacting us at sales@smartbolts.com or (240) 631-7246.